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The guidelines below are provided to help with family expectations and communication for your girl/family.  We ask for your cooperation to help ensure an enjoyable season

Playing Time

The Blazers philosophy is that all girls are guaranteed ½ a game playing time during pool play as long as they attend practice and give a strong effort to improve their game.  During bracket play, the girls that are playing the best will earn the majority of the playing time.

Team Game

The Blazers try to build a team.  This means players may play positions that are new to them or bat in a different position in the lineup then they are familiar with.  Travel teams are like all star teams and each team will probably have several girls that can play one position.  The coach is responsible for fitting all the pieces together to form a “team” and try to balance each girl’s personal development.  If all girls pull for their teammates, they will be rewarded with a fulfilling experience that will serve them later in life.  We understand it is difficult for girls to see this at times, but parents please encouraged your daughter to embrace all opportunities.


Girls will be respectful of coaches.  Girls will not talk back, roll their eyes, and will make an honest effort to work on their game.  If they disrespect coaches, parents, or others, they will be given a warning.  If the behavior does not improve, your girl will be dismissed from the team.  A side note, girls pick up on how parents talk about the coach.  Be careful what you say in front of them


It is ok for parents to encourage their child.  It is better if parents encourage all of the girls on the team, not just their girl.  Parents are not to “coach” the girls during the game.  Please let the coaches’ coach and refrain from giving instruction during the games.  This game is hard enough without having the girls trying to process information from multiple sources.  Parents that comment and offer instruction will be asked to sit down the outfield sideline.

Private Pitching and Hitting Instruction

It is ok if players have their own personal hitting and pitching coaches.  We encourage all pitchers to have a pitching instructor if they are serious about pitching.  Let your coach know so your child doesn’t receive conflicting information.


Every girl has a period when they are struggling.  Parents need to recognize this is happening and give your girl a hug and support rather than  “push” your girl.  Encourage her to keep working hard and tell her to keep cheering on her teammates.  A good teammate doesn’t worry about their personal “stats” but looks to help their friends sitting next to them in dugout. 

Outside Activities/Other Sports

Players are encouraged to participate in school sports and activities.  Just let your coach know your schedule so there is no miscommunication.

On Time

Ensure your child is on time for practice.  Being on time means is having your spikes on ready to play.  It does not mean walking into the building as the other girls are starting.   Occasionally, it is unavoidable and you may be late.  If so, let the coach know you are running late.  Repeat offenders will run laps and or received reduced playing time.

Excused Absences

If your child will not be able to attend practice, notify the coach as early as possible.  Generally, family functions, school activities, graduations, standardized tests, etc. are scheduled well in advance.  Girls in eighth grade seem to have a lot of end of school year functions.  When the coach receives early notice, the coach can avoid scheduling tournaments and games on busy days.  Obviously, illness and emergencies are unavoidable but can be communicated before practice or game.   Repeated absences and excuses will affect playing time and whether they remain on the team.

Unexcused Absences

When a player doesn’t come to a practice or game without calling the coach it is an unexcused absence.  The player will not play the next game.  If it happens a second time, the player may be removed immediately from the team.  Moral of the story – just call the coach. 


The Blazers do their best to provide effective coaches that have a passion for the game.  However, like everyone else, we make mistakes.  We expect our coaches to adhere to the playing guidelines stated above, respect the girls and parents, and provide a competitive atmosphere that allows the girls to excel. 


Occasionally parents or players will have concerns.  Do not confront the coach in front of the girls or immediately after a game.  Do give him a call or schedule a future time to talk.  If your situation is not resolved to your satisfaction, give Gene Head (630- 452-6572)  a call.